Red Wine Vinaigrette For Salads

Create a super healthy vinaigrette for your salads with our Kosher Organic Red Wine Vinegar from or

Quality, purity and taste are never compromised and always of primary importance. We believe that “we are what we eat” and, therefore, we select our products carefully which explains our slogan “Real Foods For Real People.”

We offer several Kosher and Organic products that are perfect for any occasion or event including Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Sesame Oils, Tahini, Vinegar and numerous types of red and white wine.

We are committed to provide the highest standard of purity in food and wine based on the principle of compassion expressed in protecting the Divine Creation.
Let us know how we can help you and become your Kosher or Organic household product of need.

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De La Rosa Kosher Organic Italian Red Wine Vinegar & Kosher Organic EVOO 16.9 oz each


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