Tahini: 6 Benefits for Heart Health, Immunity & More – Dr. Axe

De La Rosa’s Organic, NON GMO Tahini’s are extra healthy with an amazing taste. Substitute Tahini for peanut butter for a much healthier diet. Tahini is highly recommended for vegetarians and vegans..

Organic Black Sesame Seed Tahini – http://amzn.to/1O5kpca
Organic 100% Hulled Tahini – http://amzn.to/1LtSd8C

1. High in Healthy Fats and Amino Acids
2. Great Source of Essential Vitamins & Minerals
3. Helps Regulate Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
4. Can Help Balance Hormones (Especially in Menopausal Women)
5. Helps Improve Skin Health
6. Boosts Nutrient Absorption

Both of our “More Than Delicious” Tahini’s are made from Toasted and unbleached Hulled Sesame Seeds which are stone ground into a paste perfect for use in recipes, sauces, and spreads. Both of our Tahini’s are high in protein and calcium which makes Tahini an advantageous addition to any vegetarian or vegan diet. Certified Kosher.

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