“Putting Heavenly Sparks Back into Food”

De La Rosa Real Foods, based in Florida, is committed to providing the highest quality and purity in our food and wine based on the principles of compassion to living things and to being guardians of the Creator’s handiwork. Our products are always non-GMO, always Kosher and organic whenever available.

Our unique, estate-grown kosher organic Organic Red Grape Juice quickly emerged into a De La Rosa top seller once it was launched. Simply try this “Grapes in a Bottle” refreshing delight and see if you too join the chorus of “Wow!” Most who try it do, which is how the name was derived.
De La Rosa P.G.I Organic Balsamic and Wine Vinegars of Modena speak for themselves in regard to taste and artisanal production standards. Companies are seeking De La Rosa out to obtain this hard to find both kosher and organic grocery delicacy. “Praised by chefs as good enough to drink”.
#healthy #nongmo #oliveoil #winevinegars #grapejuice #tahini #grapeseed #kosher #delarosa


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