Raspberry Tahini Smoothie Bowl

Raspberry Tahini Smoothie Bowl
1 small tray raspberries frozen {keep some for decoration}
1 frozen banana
100 ml plant based milk
1 tbsp Organic 100% Hulled Tahini (Amazon) – http://amzn.to/1LtSd8C
Basic chia pudding with cocoa {3 tbsp chia, 200 ml plant based milk, 1 tsp cocoa}
1|2 banana sliced
Some frozen blueberries
Coconut and puffed amaranth

Mix the frozen fruit with the milk and tahini until creamy. Serve in a bowl with the chocolate chia pudding, the fruits and a dollop of tahini. by THungryWarrior at TheFeedFeed

Organic 100% Hulled Tahini (Website)- http://ow.ly/Ebo93058SOI

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